Kate Leigh – QTS Testimonial – June 2015

“I cannot speak highly enough about the QTS support I received at Maghull Maths Centre. It helped me to pass my numeracy and literacy QTS tests first time, with confidence. As a mature student it’s a long time since I sat my O level maths and many of the skills tested in the QTS tests were not even on the syllabus when I did Maths. Coming to QTS Maths lessons with Mark gave me the skills and confidence to sit these tests without any nerves, knowing I now had the ability to pass, and for me that feeling was priceless.

During my Maths sessions with Mark I learnt to identify my strengths and weaknesses, to utilise shortcuts and tips to answer the questions more quickly and improved my core Maths skills. The clear explanations Mark provided of how to answer different types of Mental Maths and written data type questions gave me a skill set that I could apply to any question. To me, these sessions were worth every penny! In addition to Maths, I also had 4 hours of English tuition with Laura as I had noticed I was not achieving the highest mark I could in the punctuation section, and I was weak in the comprehension section were you had to choose if an answer was Stated (S), Implied (I), Contradicted (C), Implicitly Contradicted (IC) or No Evidence (NE). Laura was wonderful and those few hours with her in the week before my test were excellent, as I had confidence that I could now pass all the sections and had the tools to identify what was required in each section. Again, this tuition was well worth the cost.

Many of the people I have spoken to who failed the QTS said it was not because they didn’t have the ability to pass, rather that they lacked confidence and this lead to them being stressed and nervous on the test. My sessions in Maghull Maths Centre meant I had confidence in my ability to pass, so I didn’t suffer any nerves at all. I am sure this is why I passed first time. I also found that the Centre was a place where even when I didn’t have a learning session I could come and work in a peaceful environment, free from the distractions I faced at home.

I would recommend QTS sessions in Maths and English to anyone, it was good value for money, it updated my Maths skills and gave me the confidence to succeed the QTS tests first time.

I would like to thank everyone at Maghull Maths Centre.

Kate Leigh”